“My sessions with Fiona Schlosser were miraculous. Before she arrived, my Parkinson ‘s tremors and anxiety level over an upcoming driving test had reached new highs. I didn’t know how anything could stop it. I was panicked. Fiona first familiarized me with the process we were going to do, and the goal we wanted to achieve of complete relaxation and confidence-no worries about the test. I can’t remember when my body has felt so relaxed and still. Her voice and touch were soothing. Her imagery was creative and effective. Fiona  truly knows what she’s doing, and I feel wonderful! .....LNZ 

Preceded by a detailed pre-session discussion. Fiona has helped me with my two current issues, shoulder pain and insomnia for the last 6 weeks with her System Reset program. The experience has been incredibly effective. The touch therapy is significantly more effective when the mind is more thoroughly relaxed through hypnosis. And most hypnotherapy sessions leave your mind more relaxed but your body then craves the physical relaxation of massage. Combining them is brilliant and worth all the time and money spent.   BRUCE

 My experience so far having both hypnotherapy and psych-k with Fiona has had nothing but positive results, both in my personal life and business life....Fiona has somehow managed to dig into my sub-conscious to help me deal more effectively with the every day stresses that we all have, and be use my brain more effectively to handle these challenges... She has helped me beyond my wildest expectations, and I don't think she even realizes this...I would highly recommend having an open mind to her expertise, if you want to be more Calm, Cool, and Collected, and let the small stuff be small, and face the big stuff in a rational manner....She can help you deal with all of it...Thank you Fiona! Love Always,  BECKY 

  For over 23 years, I have dealt with a debilitating medical condition. For years, I have tried Western and/or Holistic treatments or a combination of both. Traditional Western medicine does not have the answers for me. Now, with other Holistic practices I am doing, I am finally getting answers and transforming my health and my life. It is nothing short of a true miracle. Fiona Schlosser’s advanced hypnotherapy techniques, and PHSYCH-K facilitation, along with her huge heart and her indomitable spirit that embodies her work, are an integral part of my healing. In the work we have done together, she has facilitated major internal shifts in my subconscious belief system that have  had immediate and powerful effects in my body, mind and soul.  Love you, HTH

 Dear Fiona
First of all, I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
We are now back in the States and I would love to see you for a top up session at your convenience. I’m still not drinking which I am so thrilled about. Over 8 months now and I have to say that I am really quite proud of myself. All down to you so how can I ever thank you enough?
Very best wishes   FT.L    

Thank you Fiona, The environment was conducive to relaxing. I appreciated the "intake" questions and how you used that information during the session to have my experience be customized and appropriate for me. I felt understood. I appreciated the non-judgmental way you reacted to my "story". I felt very safe in your healing hands. I felt a deep sense of being able to relax, while listening to your voice and responding to the requests in going through the process of tightening muscles then relaxing those muscles. I liked the idea that I was to then use my mind to imagine tightening my muscles before relaxing those same muscles. I enjoyed the "conversation" between my various body systems to correct or adjust the systems for optimal health and wellbeing. Since I'm hearing-impaired, I appreciated you raising your voice enough so that I didn't have to strain to hear what you were saying. This supported the stress-less environment. I appreciated the reminder about the conscious/subconscious relationship and how healing within the body and it's systems, takes place on an subconscious level, thus talking to the sub-conscious is expedient. XX.SQ.