What is A "System Reset" ?

A System Reset begins with gentle, full body compressions, accompanied by hypnotic progressive relaxation techniques This instigates deep relaxation and  hypnosis. Very specific suggestions are then directed to your subconscious mind in a deliberate natural flow around your body, with the healing intention of repairing, rejuvenating and returning to optimal function all of the inner systems of your body, creating once again a sense of balance and harmony and wellness. Each system is focused upon both independently of each other and as a whole. All twelve systems consist of several different elements, organs, glands etc. Each element is acknowledged, as are the functions of each system. Attention is paid to your Inner Intelligence and intuitive healing potential, your “ Mind Dr”, and also, to the synchronicity of all systems working together as a whole. The depth of relaxation that occurs, from the healing touch energy alone is quite incredible, but when combined with progressive relaxation techniques and hypnotic suggestions, allows you to drift into an incredibly tranquil, peaceful state, allowing your conscious mind to take a break allowing your inner mind or subconscious to come forward. At this stage your body can be re directed towards its natural state of well-being, health and homeostasis through positive suggestion. When your body is in such a deep state of peaceful relaxation, the endocrine system inhibits its production of stress hormones, allowing your immune system to become fully switched on operating optimally, bringing also a feeling of inner peace, calm and well being. 

Why Do I Need A System Reset.

Human beings were not designed to deal with constant daily stress. We were designed to deal with small bursts of stress for very short time periods, during which, our bodies would produce adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones to engage the fight or flight response. Nowadays, many of us are experiencing continuous, multiple degrees of stress for unlimited time periods. There are many detrimental effects of continued stress, which ultimately can lower your immune function to a point where you become venerable, both physically and emotionally. Through System Reset, you have the opportunity to address your over stressed systems and bring them back into alignment, promoting  feelings of balance, peacefulness and well being .By scanning all of our systems and bringing them to the attention of our inner Mind Dr, with the intention of re-setting any imbalances, we may avoid many problems down the road, and at least, will reap powerful benefits simply from the profound healing effects of deep relaxation and inner focus. 

The 12 Systems Of The Body.

Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune,  Urinar, Skeletal, Nervous (including limbic), Muscular.,Reproductive, Integumenty. 

We Are So Much More Than Physical Beings.Promote current deals

In the 17th century, Descartes who, at that time was one of the leading forces of medicine, asked permission of the Pope, to perform autopsies in order to gain a better understanding of how the body functioned. He was granted permission on the condition that he dealt solely with the flesh and that the mind and spirit would remain under the jurisdiction of the church. It was at this point that the future of western medicine was forged and that separation, unfortunately, has been upheld ever since. In eastern medicine, the separation of body mind and Spirit would be considered absolutely absurd. These feelings of separation are compounded when we need medical attention as our Doctors tend to specialize in one area, gastrointestinal, neurological etc and rarely take into consideration our emotional and spiritual components.

What To Expect From A System Reset.

By experiencing a System Reset, you will have the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the miracle of your body and the life force that it embodies, to reconnect with your healing, intuitive, Higher Self, your Spirit, and inner “Mind Doctor”! With practice, you can take back some control and enjoy the realization that you are a human being and not a human doing! With practice, it is possible to control levels of pain, to lower blood pressure, regain a sense of inner peace and balance, to control eating habits,  manage diabetes and other increasingly common health issues. Many of us hold on to outdated emotional patterns developed over time, commonly anger, guilt or fear. These issues and more can be addressed and transformed by utilizing this process. Each session is highly personalized for the individuals needs, highlighting the systems most needing to be addressed for the given situation. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

  One single session often results in a wonderful,deep sense of rejuvenation and synchronicity within the mind and body. Six consecutive sessions are recommended for optimal results of more complex unbalance, for over a five-week period. The first session is introductory, information gathering and necessary to  to aquatint the client with relaxation techniques and hypnosis.  During these sessions the client will also learn how to best utilize the techniques and incorporate them into their daily lives. They will learn self-hypnosis and will be encouraged to be proactive in their health and well being.  Afterwords monthly “tune ups” are available .